About ByzKit

Byzkit HR is one of the sub domains of Byzkit. It is a product created to simplify and efficiently manage the Human Resource sector of an organization.

Byzkti HR provides organizations with a lot of features to help them simplify their day to day HR operations and also provides it’s employees a central place to perform their HR duties and stay up to date with their reports and their available benefits.

HR in the past has always been a backend department for many organizations. Byzkit HR helps to improve that by providing staffs with the needed HR reports and updates directly in their applications. This is one of the biggest assets of Byzkit HR.

There is no doubt that ByzKit HR define reality.
Unnecessary head off and budgets are lost every year
through neglect than any other cause.

Who we are

Byzkit is a brand formed to provide organizations with simple and efficient products that help them to better manage their different departments. We are a team of professionals focused on brainstorming a lot of ideas and bringing those ideas to reality. Our main aim is to provide organizations with different products that they can use to manage their departments in a more advanced and efficient way.

Our Story

Every idea has a story behind it. Here is a timeline of the story behind Byzkit Hr:




for New and effective Ideas

Idea for an online,

simple and efficient

HR product was born.

R&D and documentation




Planning and development


Mobile versions

beta release



Supported by

AWS Activate

MVP Launch

Byzkit HR

Byzkit HR is backed up by an amazing technical team from Cloudy Fox Technology. With headquarter in Kathmandu, Nepal and a sister organization in Texas, USA, they provide their services all around the world.

They are a group of highly skilled professionals and are proud in calling themselves as “Cloudians”. They are skilled in providing a lot of IT services and have been providing it all over the world for a very long time.

To get to know them better, you can visit them here: www.cloudyfox.io