Easy Custom Settings

With multiple brainstorming session within the Byzkit team, we have made it a very flexible product. Due to which, it allows you to set the settings based on your organization standards.

Manage Roles

Roles in Byzkit HR are completely dynamic. It allows you to create different types of roles and assign it to your respective member of staff.

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Manage Leave Types

Different organizations have different leave types so, to facilitate this, we allow you to create your own leave types and assign the number of days based on your standards.

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Manage Working Days

Being a very flexible product, Byzkit HR also allows you to easily set your working days.

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Manage Working Hours

Once you set the working days, it also allows you to easily set your working hours.

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Manage Departments

Organizations are a combination of multiple departments. We provide you with a feature that allows you to add all your departments. This will help your staffs to add their respective departments in their profile.

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