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01.  How do i register my company?

Registration to Byzkit is pretty simple. Click the link & get started.

02.  How to onboard employees to the tool?

Once the company set up is completed, the Manager can add an employee, or invite them using their email address. Employees having the company email can use the company domain provided by Byzkit for easy signup.

03.  How may employees can I add?

There is no limit on the number of employees to be added. However, if you have more than 100 employees, you can upgrade to an enterprise package for extra support.

04.  Is this system only for employers or also for employees?

Byzkit is designed for both Employer and Employees.

05.  How do my employees use this system?

Every company registering in byzkit will receive a unique subdomain. Employees can log in & access the tool via the URL.

06.  Is this system available offline?

Byzkit is not available offline.

07.  Can we integrate ByzKit with my existing HRM software?

Byzkit exposes multiple APIs for different partners if required. If you have any custom requirements please reach us at hello@byzkit.com.

08.  How do I pay?

When any company register to ByzKit, automatically registered to Start-Ups package which is 100% free. Once you want to switch to a Business or Enterprise package, you can use the support tool available inside the platform. Once we receive your information, we will prepare the invoices and you can pay is via online banking or any other mediums.

09.  Can I host this system in my own domain?

Yes, you can use your personal domain if desired. Please remember, extra support & cost will be included.

10.  How do i get in touch with you?

You can contact us in many ways. Visit Contact us page for more contact options. Or simply send us an email at hello@byzkit.com. (Note for devs, add mailtotag)