Our Core Ideas

We believe in making things as simple as possible and in the same time increasing it’s efficiency. This is why we set our tag line as “A digital HRM product for efficiency and simplicity”.

HR department has a very crucial role in the success of any organization. It is always believed to be a backend department and one that is difficult to manage. A well managed HR directly results in a very productive and effective human resources. Managing HR is a very tedious job, as you can imagine it includes managing all the human resources working in that organization. It includes, managing hirings, promotions, attendance, leaves, payrolls and many more with keeping everything within the Labour Act.

Our Core Idea behind Byzkit is to make HR simple and efficient for everyone. We want it to be accurate, easy and available to all the staffs in an organization. We want it to change peoples perspective of taking HR as a backend department. We want to make it front facing for everyone. That is what we have done. Byzkit is for everyone, with Web and Mobile access it is accessible to everyone and from anywhere.

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HRM applications are still very old fashioned in a lot of organizations. They still use time stamps, finger print readers, excel sheets and verbal communications for a lot of HR services. To solve this problems and to take HR services to a new level Byzkit HR is introduced.

Byzkit HR provides HRM services in a complete digital platform. It provides contactless attendance management, online leave applications, digital reports and analysis and many more digital features.

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