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Recruiting got easier

Byzkit now allows you to publish vacancies and get applicants directly in your system. No need of using third party service providers and also removes the hassle of getting the applicant onboard to you HR system.

Once you are registered with Byzkit HR, you get the Recruitment feature for FREE! Here you will get a unique domain for your company to publish the vacancies. In simple terms, this removes the "Career" page in your website additionally providing much more features.

Recruit with Byzkit

You are provided a simple and clean interface that allows you to create and post jobs easily. The viewing of applicants and their details is as easy as it can get.

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Post jobs with ease

You can now publish your vacancies with just few clicks. Editing the post and copying it for future use makes things even much simpler.

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Manage applicants

The applicants view has been kept very simple so that you are not over whelmed by the details you see in a single place. Dropdown to view additional answers and assigning appropriate status to applicants allows you to easily manage your recruitment.

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