Reporting Analytics

Reports are an integral part of any system. They provide you with an analysis of everything that matters to your organization. Byzkit takes reporting and analytics as a major priority. It is equipped with multiple reporting features that allow you to visualize the reports at a glance or dive deep in the details. It provides you reports as a summary of all your staffs or you can change it and get in details for every staff.

Types of Reports

Byzkit provides you with multiple forms of reports like attendance report, leave report etc.. All of which is graphically presented for you to analyze it at a glance. Also, if you want to go in detail, it provides you with various options to do so. You can set your options as you need them.

Byzkit also provides you with some automated data that might help you to analyze the reports in more detail. Some examples of automated data are Most check in hours, least checked in hours, arrived early, left late, most number of leaves and so on.

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Individual report and filter options

If the Overall Employee Report didn't fulfill what you were looking for. You can also view their individual report to get a better sense at it.

Viewing and analyzing reports are sometimes very tedious and confusing. So, to help you with this we provide Quick filter options that allow you to filter through the list and get to the exact report.

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