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The new digitized HRM product

In January, all the members of byzkit were brainstorming new ideas to bring something into the world of digitalization. Everyone was expecting a new and fresh start. They wanted something to change in the digitalized world. Never thought that a simplified and efficient HRM system will be an idea for the team.

The team started doing all the research and documentation. But who would have imagined that the HRM system is going to be very helpful to this new normal world? Never in our dreams, we imagined working remotely like this. The HRM system which we thought way back as our new goal became our priority in delivering to the people.

We started with an aim to help the company and the staff. It is hard for the human resources team to track everyone on a daily base manually so Byzkit is here for the rescue. Our Byzkit HR toolkit will help to break down the hassle for the HR and the staff. It has lots of features that make it easy to track the hours, like the check- In and Check - Out and even their breaks as well.


The features allow HR to track their staff digitally with their leave balance, attendance, leave records, and many more. Whereas the employee has its own perks of logging in, applying for leave, holiday balance, own reports and events, and holiday at the same place.

The interesting fact about byzkit Hr is it is backed up by an amazing technical team from Cloudy Fox Technology. With headquarter in Kathmandu, Nepal, and a sister organization in Texas, USA, they provide their services all around the world.

Our byzkit is not only limited to the web it has its mobile apps on both iOS and Android.

The amazing byzkit HRM product is customizable based on the company's needs. If you wish to Byzkit your company, get started.